Sunday, June 16, 2024


The island's history is inseparable linked from ancient times to the History of the Cyclades.
The island during mythology inhabited by shepherds and the original name was ‘Polyandros”.
Then  the island was colonized by Cretans of  Minoan period .

The Cretans led by  the son of King Minos Folegandros from which the island got its name.
The Romans later used the island as a place of exile.
At the time of the Franks, the island belonged to the Duchy of the Aegean and later stayed in the Venetian rule until the 16th century.
Then the island was conquered by the Turks and they kept it until 1821.
The island is often attacked by pirates and for this reason the residents used to live  in the "Castle" which is essentially an integral part of today's village ‘Chora’.
Today the island is a tourist resort where visitors can relax and enjoy the local specialties.
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