Sunday, June 16, 2024


The island is ideal to contact with nature.

Very scenic routes can lead the visitor to beautiful beaches where swimming in the blue waters in the middle of the Aegean Sea is a unique experience.
Visiting the many churches scattered throughout the island which denote the faith of the people is another unique experience.
The church of Virgin Mary, is the largest church on the island and  on 15th of August is celebrated all over the island and all the people visit the monastery.

A visit here is a unique experience as the church is stuck on a rock above the town.
In a 15 minute journey the climb will leave you breathless, the view is amazing.
Finally, to visit the taverns of the island with local specialties is another pleasant experience.

Fresh fish, local cheeses with representative “souroto” "and  local sweets like “karpouzenia ‘ based on watermelon’ are everyday surprises.


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